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Tile Kiosk is a convenient place to purchase individual tiles. The shop’s tiles come in a variety of colours, forms, sizes and eras, ranging from long-lost dead stock to longstanding designs, new releases and even rare prototypes. Commonly used as a building material, tiles can also play a role in daily life as pot stands, utensil holders and unique ornaments. Building on this idea, Tile Kiosk presents new perspectives on common tiles. 

Dating back around 1300 years, the history of ceramics in Tajimi, Gifu prefecture, was founded on the presence of rich soil with high-quality clay minerals. Over time, the renowned Mino ware was born, significantly expanding the possibilities of manufacturing in the area. Tile production commenced in the early 20th century and is one of the prefecture’s leading industries, producing the highest volume of tiles in Japan and 90 percent of the country’s mosaic tile output. However, Tajimi tiles are defined by more than just high-volume production. The area’s manufacturing is supported by a diverse range of makers with specialities ranging from materials to forms and glazes. Traditional firing techniques and diverse glazes, along with the machinery and techniques that bring them to life, remain a feature of production.

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Tile Kiosk is managed by X’S Corporation. Based in Tajimi, Gifu prefecture, X’S founded Tajimi Custom Tiles, a brand of custom-made tiles for architects and designers around the world, produces tiles with a focus on natural materials and craftsmanship, and imports and exports tiles and other building materials. X’S has established an in-house laboratory to produce samples for a wide range of tiles and also collaborates with Tajimi-based tile makers, allowing it to maintain a stable production environment. Also focusing on sustainability initiatives, the company has spent years developing a method for producing recycled tiles.